JEE-O and Edward van Vliet present the bloom series


Together with the well-known Dutch interior designer Edward van Vliet, JEE-O has designed a stylish bathroom collection: the bloom series. Like all designs of the top designer, the refined collection was inspired by nature and geometry. The bloom series will be on display for the first time during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Van Vliet’s love of nature and geometrical shapes is reflected in the smooth transition from facet to round shapes in the design of the baths and basins, and in the hexagonal-shaped faucet heads and handles. A sunflower served as inspiration for the shower head.

Creating worlds
The timeless bloom collection includes all the elements for optimum bathroom enjoyment: a bath, top mounted and freestanding basins, a ceiling shower and wall shower, and accessories. Designed with care and vision, they are all eye-catchers with international allure to suit any bathroom.

“I think it is important to have a bathroom where everything is coordinated”, says Edward Van Vliet “The bath and the shower must be generous. It’s all about creating worlds. Apart from the fact that everything has to function properly, my aim is to enable people to fully embrace the world of water.”

Unique bathrooms
Lammert Moerman, creative mastermind behind JEE-O, is proud of the bloom series. He believes that this collection makes the concept of unique bathrooms that JEE-O represents complete. “The bloom series is very different to anything I have ever done before. The other JEE-O collections have a very industrial and robust character. The design of the bloom series is less inhibited and more frivolous. This means a new direction for JEE-O.”

The collaboration between Van Vliet and JEE-O dates back to 2016 when Van Vliet visited JEE-O at the vt wonen&design exhibition. “I saw JEE-O’s products and thought that I would fit in well with JEE-O’s portfolio. Not long afterwards Lammert came to see me at my studio in Amsterdam.”

JEE-O’s style versus Edward van Vliet
During the design process Moerman and Van Vliet met each other halfway. Moerman: “JEE-O’s style is quite industrial, but very energetic and innovating. Edward’s style is more playful. We managed to draw him a little more towards our side. The result is very different to what I have done so far.”

Natural materials
For the design of the bloom collection, Van Vliet, who loves to work with natural materials, anticipated the production process of JEE-O in South Africa. The baths and basins are made in South Africa from the extremely strong DADOquartz, a combination of quartz crystals and resin.

The faucets are made of stainless steel and have had a PVD treatment. This is a special surface treatment for an attractive gunmetal look. “JEE-O and I are still looking to see whether we can expand the collection with wooden bathroom furniture and porcelain cups. But that is something for after the exhibition in Milan”, says Van Vliet.

About JEE-O
JEE-O brings beautiful design and functionality together in bathroom concepts. But it doesn’t stop at bathrooms. The designs of JEE-O also fit perfectly in the rest of the house, such as the kitchen, the sauna, by the pool or on the beach. JEE-O is minimalistic and innovative with a cosmopolitan character. Bold and striking but with a refined touch: JEE-O creates concepts with space for body and mind, always in an atmosphere of functional luxury. Other collections by JEE-O are the new flow series, created together with Italian designer Brian Sironi, and the award-winning soho series, the result of a collaboration between JEE-O and the Amsterdam-based design studio Grand & Johnson.

About Edward van Vliet
Edward van Vliet has been one of the world’s top designers for over 25 years. From his creative studio in Amsterdam, he works on projects all over the world. He mainly focuses on hospitality, hotels, resorts, residential projects and public spaces. His designs are instantly recognisable by the mixed range of influences from traditional Western design and Middle Eastern, African and Asian cultures, high-tech elements and natural materials, all finished according to the latest production techniques. His book, Creating Worlds, a guide that takes the reader on a journey of his work, was published in 2014.

Note for the editor, not for publication
Edward van Vliet and Lammert Moerman will both be present during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The collection of JEE-O will be on display in the Masterly Hotel of Edward van Vliet at Masterly - The Dutch in Milano, the Dutch Pavilion at the Salone del Mobile. We will be happy to schedule interviews during the exhibition in advance. Please contact Lisette Biesenbeek at or call +31647978973 to make an appointment. Both gentlemen will also be available for interviews after the exhibition. More HR image material of the JEE-O bloom series can be obtained from the JEE-O WeTransfer environment.

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JEE-O and Edward van Vliet present the bloom series
JEE-O and Edward van Vliet present the bloom series
JEE-O and Edward van Vliet present the bloom series
JEE-O and Edward van Vliet present the bloom series