in4nite a success with first appearance at the Dutch Design Week


In this era of the 4th industrial revolution, where digital, physical and biological are merging and challenging to provide products and concepts that are stronger, lighterweight, more durable and sustainable, Low & Bonar’s in4nite project helps to connect the design community to the world of performance materials.

With the in4nite project Low & Bonar collaborated with a group of talented product designers, graphic designers and architects to explore how performance materials can provide exciting new functional solutions with new aesthetic promise. The project focused on Colback, a Low & Bonar nonwoven fabric, invites the industry to re-think and to collaborate in exploring the potential for new applications of existing materials within their portfolio. Dutch Design Week 2017 successfully presented the first results of this endeavour.

in4nite steps out of the shadow
Throughout the week hosted events around the theme “materials and the future” to interact with the visitors and discuss how “smart” materials can help define the future of product design. Not only was the exhibition well attended, but also the program of presentations by industry leaders. The in4nite event led to interesting discussions between producers, customers, designers and visitors at the Dutch Design Week - coming together in the spirit of the fourth industrial revolution.

Low & Bonar’s materials are all around us: tents, stadiums, roads, air filters, boats, water filters, cars and flower packages. Sometimes visible but more often the materials contribute invisibly to our lives. With in4nite the material has been put at the forefront, and Atelier Rick Tegelaar, Charley Reijnders, Dana Dijkgraaf Design, Klaas Kuiken Product Design, KRAFT Architects, Mieke Lucia, Robbin Baas, Studio Erik Stehmann, Studio Joris de Groot and Tijn van Orsouw discovered new possible applications.

Print with Colback
Rick Tegelaar discovered that by melting the outside of the fibre, you can print 3D. The designer developed a 3D printer himself, that could handle the nonwoven fabric. Colback can be strengthened  locally with dreamy patterns. This has never been done before with this textile.

Suitable for light
Due to the structure of the nonwoven Colback,  it is very suitable for lighting. It scatters and divides the light. Klaas Kuiken and Erik Stehmann both developed lamps, but the results are so very different. Erik Stehmann has “Rilled” Colback, which forms the basis of his Rilly Nice Lamp, which appear to defy gravity.  Klaas Kuiken has designed three lamps, with nature as a starting point. With his designs, you'll get the atmosphere of the sunset in your living room.

Low & Bonar & in4nite

in4nite is a project that combines the ideas and creativity of product designers, graphic designers and architects with Low & Bonar's technical expertise. Low & Bonar is a listed, worldwide operating company specializing in the production of performance materials. in4nite is a perennial project, initiated to discover new applications for existing materials and technologies. Low & Bonar’s Dutch operations are located on the same site as and the ten designers, in the Arnhem Industrial park Kleefse Waard (IPKW), which has been promoting cooperation between the manufacturing industry and the creative industry for a number of years.

note for the editors

Hi-res images of the in4nite exhibition are made by Studio Dijkgraaf. You can find this below. For more information, please contact Bob Elzen from Low & Bonar via or call + 316 30720491.


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in4nite a success with first appearance at the Dutch Design Week
in4nite a success with first appearance at the Dutch Design Week
in4nite a success with first appearance at the Dutch Design Week
in4nite a success with first appearance at the Dutch Design Week