in4nite presents infinite ideas on the Dutch Design Week


in4nite is the result of the collaboration between ten designers from Arnhem, The Netherlands and Low & Bonar. During the Dutch Design Week, they present themselves to the world at Strijp T, building TQ in Eindhoven.

The Colback® experiment

The interdisciplinary company consisting of product designers, architects and graphic designers has been experimenting with Colback, a nonwoven fabric produced by Low & Bonar. During the design process, the boundaries of the material and the imagination of the designers have been stretched to the utmost. A cross pollination between design, R & D and manufacturing industry, resulted in fascinating designs and products. The material has been removed from the shadow and the new functional and aesthetic qualities are fully visible.

in4nite designs

At the Dutch Design Week, Atelier Rick Tegelaar, Charley Reijnders, Dana Dijkgraaf Design, Klaas Kuiken Product Design, Kraft Architects, Mieke Lucia, Robbin Baas, Studio Erik Stehmann, Studio Joris de Groot and Tijn van Orsouw present, together with Low & Bonar, the final results of experimenting with Colback. An overview of the designs, photographed by Lonneke van der Palen:

Atelier Rick Tegelaar

Rick Tegelaar has made a collection of 3D printed panels that show the qualities of Colback. "Colback consists of 2 components. By melting only the outer layer of polypropylene, the PET core remains untouched. With this in mind, I'm going to investigate whether Colback is also used in a 3D printer. That's great, only there was no 3D printer that could handle Colback. Therefore I have developed a 2 meter wide 3D printer to print the fibers on Colback. Those patterns not only look beautiful, it gives also the possibility to strengthen the material locally."

Charley Reijnders

Charley Reijnders produced The Ghost Collection with Colback, consisting of a closet, chair and room divider. "There are several types of Colback, I've been working with Colback Green, made from recycled PET. The translucent qualities and motility of the material reminded me of spirits. You could say that if we ever become spirits, our souls are recycled into a new form of matter. This process I used for The Ghost Collection."

Dana Dijkgraaf Design

Dana Dijkgraaf has created a collection of graphic designs with Colback as a base. "Colback is great for printing or screen printing. It is translucent and smooth, which gives a special effect. Thus it coincides with the color that is found behind. A remarkable material for books, flyers, leaflets or other printed matter, for an industry currently focused on paper."

Klaas Kuiken Product Design

Klaas Kuiken has designed the Sunset Lamp. "Colback is a material with a very poetic appearance, while it is used in high technology applications. The visible fibers make it a tactile, almost natural fabric with special light-transmitting qualities. I used that in my designs for the Sunset lamp, inspired by our natural light sources. In this lamp I find a balance between the poetic and industrial sides of Colback."

Kraft Architecten

Kraft Architecten is responsible for the design of the in4nite exhibition pavilion. The composition of the pavilion is designed to create a unique visitor experience. "We have designed a pavilion with museum qualities with Colback, where the products come true. The light-transmitting properties of Colback provide an exciting effect. The pavilion is in an exciting location, on the 9th floor of Building TQ with a beautiful view of Eindhoven."

Studio Mieke Lucia

Mieke van den Hout has designed acoustic panels from Colback. "Colback is open and lightweight, two indispensable ingredients for acoustic solutions. By combining Colback with a colored fabric, the aesthetics of the nonwoven fabric will be good, with a soft color in the background. The panels are filled with Colback production residues, which further enhance acoustic properties."

Robbin Baas

Robbin Baas has designed a vertical courtyard with Colback. " Center Pompidou in Paris inspired me for my vertical garden. By folding the cases for the plants and interlacing with the watering system, you not only get a nice installation but it improves air quality and adds a piece of nature to your home."

Studio Erik Stehmann

Erik Stehmann has made a series of lamps with Colback. "I've made a 3D product from a 2d product by creasing the Colback. After several experiments I came out with a round folding pattern. These folds form a strong and lightweight tube. This tube is the base for my Rilly Nice lamp series. Because in the end, we all want a Rilly Nice lamp."

Studio Joris de Groot

Joris de Groot has made a chair made of the material Colback. "I'm inspired by the folds and folds in air filters, a product made by Colback. This technique, combined with other techniques, I have applied to make a new reinforced material. The result I used in the seat of a chair."

Tijn van Orsouw

Tijn van Orsouw made window decoration of Colback. "In general, roller blinds and slats are in general only functional and in my eyes they do not look good. Because Colback is extremely strong, easy to fold and scatters the light well, I started looking for ways to make a nice window decoration. So beautiful that you want it to leave it at your window, for always."

Low & Bonar & in4nite

in4nite is a project that combines the ideas and creativity of product designers, graphic designers and architects with Low & Bonar's technical expertise. Low & Bonar is a publicly-listed, worldwide operating company specializing in the production of "performance materials". The multinational has initiated this multiannual project to discover new applications for existing materials and technologies, through collaborations with leading individuals and companies in the creative sector. Both Low & Bonar and the ten designers are located at the Arnhem industrial park Kleefse Waard (IPKW), which has been promoting cooperation between the manufacturing industry and the creative industry for a number of years. The results of the in4nite project are presented at the Dutch Design Week 2017 from 21 to 29 October in Building TQ.

Note for editors

Hi-resolution images from in4nite and the designers can be found below. For more information, please contact Paul Clappers from PR agency FNKE via or call + 316-18535532.

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in4nite presents infinite ideas on the Dutch Design Week
in4nite presents infinite ideas on the Dutch Design Week
in4nite presents infinite ideas on the Dutch Design Week
in4nite presents infinite ideas on the Dutch Design Week