in4nite: Stretching mind and material


The Low & Bonar in4nite project will be launched at Dutch Design Week 2017 in October. It is an exceptional collaboration between a listed international operating company and a group of ten designers who have experimented with Colback®, a nonwoven fabric produced by Low & Bonar.  The group of designers including product designers, architects and graphic designers have combined the limits of the material with their own unique vision and creativity  to stretch the limits in this design project, the end results of which will presented at the spectacular new pavilion on the 9th floor of the TQ building on Dutch Design Week 2017.

in4nite = infinite ideas

During Dutch Design Week 2017 Atelier Rick Tegelaar, Charley Reijnders, Dana Dijkgraaf Design, Klaas Kuiken Product Design, Kraft architecten, Mieke Lucia, Robbin Baas, Studio Erik Stehmann, Studio Joris de Groot, Tijn van Orsouw and Low & Bonar are presenting the results of  the  lengthy experiments with Colback. 

in4nite is a continuous collaboration which was initiated by Low & Bonar in 2017. With in4nite Low & Bonar is exploring new applications for existing technologies by collaborating with independent individuals in the creative industry.

Revealing hidden aesthetic qualities

Colback is a non-woven material with a broad range of technical properties. The material is used for instance in the automotive industry as a component for air filters and carpets. Additionally, the material is applied as carpet backing, as a component of wallpapers, in roofing applications and civil engineering solutions. In existing applications Colback is mostly invisible, so the designers developed new ways to display its aesthetic qualities and in the process, new applications for Colback have been found which would not have been developed otherwise. A real synergy has been created  through this collaboration of designers, industry and creativity.

in4nite designers

An overview of the creations by the product designers, architects and graphic designers based on Colback:

Atelier Rick Tegelaar
“The Colback yarn consist of bicomponent filaments.By only melting the outer polypropylene skin of the Colback yarn the PET core remains unaffected and keeps its strength. Through pragmatic experiments and theoretical research, I discovered that Colback could be 3D printed exceptionally well. I developed a 3D printer which stretches over 2 meters and enables the printing of Colback yarn. The patterns not only look magnificent but also creates reinforcements, to add rigidity and create tensional strength.”

Charley Reijnders

“Colback Green, made of up to 100% recycled PET, was my material choice for in4nite. By melting the material and then combining it with white Colback a great looking effect is created. Like the sun which is shining through the leaves and creates a shadow pattern. My collection, consisting of a closet, is called the ghost collection.”

Dana Dijkgraaf
“Colback is a great material for silk screen printing and litho printing. It is translucent but smooth, this gives a special effect. Especially in combination with a coloured layer behind. It is a remarkable material for books, flyers, folders and other print work, for an industry which is currently focused on paper.”

Klaas Kuiken
“Colback is a material with a very poetic appearance although it is used in technical applications. The visible fibres make it a tactile, almost natural fabric with special translucent properties. I have used this for designing the ‘Full moon’ lamp and the ‘Sunset’ lamp, which are both inspired by natural light sources. These lamps are seeking for a balance between the poetic and the industrial sides of Colback.”

Kraft Architecten
“We have designed a museum-like pavilion for the Dutch Design Week, where the products resulting from the in4nite project are displayed. The translucent properties of Colback create a fascinating effect. The pavilion is located on, the 9th floor of the TQ building at Dutch Design Week 2017 with a great view on Eindhoven and nature.”  

Mieke van den Hout
“Colback has an open filament structure and is lightweight, two critical properties for acoustical solutions. By laminating Colback with a coloured fabric, the aesthetic properties of the nonwoven material are reinforced with the light colour in the background. The acoustic panels are filled with Colback snippets, which improve the acoustic properties.”

Robbin Baas
“I used the Centre Pompidou in Paris as inspiration for my design of a vertical garden based on Colback. By combining folded Colback pockets for plants with a watering system with a weaving technique, the vertical garden is not only an aesthetic installation but it also improves the indoor air quality and creates a small piece of nature in your home.”

Erik Stehmann
“I have transformed a 2 dimensional product into a 3 dimensional product by creasing Colback. After a row of experiments I designed a pattern that effectively creases with round folds. These folds are strong but at the same time a lightweight tube. This tube became the base of my Rilly Nice lamp series, because in the end, we all want a Rilly Nice lamp.”

Joris de Groot
“I was inspired by the production processes of air filters, a product partly made of Colback. By pleating Colback laminated with fabric, I’ve created a reinforced material with a special visual effect. The resulting material is applied in the seating of a sofa.”

Tijn van Orsouw

“In general there are mostly standard window screens. Since Colback has nice translucent aesthetics and is easy to fold and pleat, I explored the possibilities for creating beautiful window decorations. So beautiful, you would like to have the window screen forever on your window.”

in4nite summary

in4nite is a project combining the creativity of product designers, graphic designers and architects with the technical expertise of Low & Bonar. The end results will be presented at the Dutch Design Week 2017 from October 21st to 29th on the 9th floor of the TQ building.

Note to editors

The high resolution in4nite logo and photos of the designs can be found below. For more information please contact Bram Jeurissen of the PR agency FNKE via or call +316-19596789

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in4nite: Stretching mind and material
in4nite: Stretching mind and material
in4nite: Stretching mind and material
in4nite: Stretching mind and material